Cambium Networks for Video Surveillance: Overcoming Obstacles

By Cambium Networks
LOS, MIMO, 802.11ac, Point to Point Networking, PTP Backhaul

Video surveillance is vital for many high stakes applications. Whether it’s monitoring traffic to ensure drivers honor the rules of the road, promoting community safety by inhibiting theft or assault in public places, or offering businesses and private residences tools to protect their property and assets, video surveillance enables security of people and resources.

Providing surveillance equipment with the connectivity to satisfy these objectives has been a central challenge since the inception of streaming technology, and real time video has much more significance when it comes to prevention of, rather than response to, threat. Not only is wired connectivity more expensive to deploy, it also limits the coverage individual cameras can achieve – with placement dependent on the reach of copper or fiber cables.

cnPilot™ Wi-Fi distribution transcends these limitations, empowering business owners, public works agencies, and homeowners to focus on finding the perfect vantage points for their cameras to ensure optimal coverage of everything they want to keep safe. Together with wireless broadband backhaul products that support the high bandwidth demands of streaming media, Cambium Networks offers complete solutions for any video surveillance application.

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Published July 27, 2018