Cambium Networks Connects Rural Communities to Bridge the Digital Divide

By Cambium Networks

Internet access has never been more fundamental to society worldwide, and Cambium Networks strives to help local and global service providers extend wireless broadband into communities of all sizes with Wi-Fi solutions designed to overcome obstacles both geographically and financially.

Rural communities are the final frontier for connectivity, but those last mile networks are some of the most difficult to establish. For example, in the most remote reaches of northwestern New Mexico, the cost to reach a previously unconnected residence or business with broadband network infrastructure reliant on fiber or cable is approximately 5-10 times greater than the same connection in Albuquerque. For small local economies, this can be more prohibitive than physical challenges of terrain and weather conditions.

Cambium Networks solutions like the PMP 450m platform with massive multi-user multiple-input/multiple-output (MU-MIMO) capability facilitates connection across distance, enabling access that’s not only more affordable to deploy – sparing the time and cost of trenching cable – but also future-proofs the investment with the scalability to continue to serve growing communities.

Published August 3, 2018