Cambium Networks and the Community Broadband Project: Connectivity borne of Community

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is the proud vendor of choice for the Community Broadband Project of Los Angeles, CA. What began as a collective effort amongst creative and tech-savvy community members to address the unmet connectivity needs of fellow Angelinos has blossomed into a locally owned and operated – and highly principled – ISP championing affordability, information security, and net neutrality.

LA’s existing population is already dense and only grows, so one of the most fundamental characteristics of the Project’s network must be scalability, followed by ease of use. Community Broadband Project’s coverage area demands infrastructure that not only delivers high bandwidth and throughput with interference resistance and the capacity to integrate additional equipment easily, but also intuitive operation to facilitate the training of new employees as the Project’s customer base increases.

The Cambium Networks PMP (point to multipoint) portfolio offers the Community Broadband Project the features it needs to deliver low cost, high performance connectivity to the neighborhoods and residents it serves – empowering them with access for education, employment, and access to vital resources and information pertaining to healthcare and participation in local government.

Follow the story of the Community Broadband Project in the Cambium Community

Published October 5, 2018