Boost Fixed Wireless Performance

By Matt Mangriotis   March 7, 2024

PMP 450m platform adds interference mitigation, digital beamforming, null steering, and post-processing data refinement

Cambium Networks enables WISPs to deliver exceptional performance and value in fixed wireless connectivity. For years, I have collaborated with WISPs and influenced the development of the PMP 450 platform. I’m really excited to still be introducing new features on this Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform as it has matured and grown over the more than 10 years it’s existed. Now we can share the latest advancements with the PMP 450m platform in interference mitigation using digital beamforming, null steering, and the post-processing of data. This innovative feature not only elevates our product offering but also revolutionizes wireless connectivity in multi-user MIMO systems.

WISPs know that interference poses a significant challenge, hindering network performance and reliability. Traditional methods of combating interference often fall short, leading to suboptimal user experiences and reduced network efficiency. Recognizing this pressing issue, we’ve integrated cutting-edge technology into our PMP 450m platform to address interference head-on.

So, how does interference mitigation with digital beamforming and null steering work, and what benefits does it bring to our users?

Digital beamforming is a sophisticated technique that allows for the precise manipulation of signal transmission and reception patterns. By dynamically adjusting antenna beam patterns, digital beamforming optimizes signal strength and quality, effectively mitigating interference from neighboring networks and environmental factors. This advanced technology enables our PMP 450m platform to deliver reliable, high-performance connectivity in challenging RF environments.

To explain more deeply how this feature works, a beam is formed toward the desired user (i.e. the Subscriber requiring data transmission), receiving all the signals from that direction on all receive chains allocated. Then the signals are post-processed to separate the desired signal from the interfering signal, effectively eliminating the unwanted signals, and minimizing its impact on network performance. This proactive approach to interference mitigation ensures uninterrupted connectivity and maximizes spectral efficiency in the 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum, which is typically under heavy use and noisy in many areas.

The benefits of interference mitigation with digital beamforming and null steering are many:

  1. Enhanced Network Performance: By mitigating interference, our PMP 450m platform ensures consistent and reliable connectivity for end-users. Whether in densely populated urban areas or remote rural regions, our solution delivers unparalleled performance, even in challenging RF environments.
  2. Improved User Experience: With interference effectively managed, users experience faster data rates, lower latency, and increased network stability. Whether streaming HD video, conducting video conferencing, or accessing cloud-based applications, our platform empowers users with a seamless connectivity experience.
  3. Optimal Spectrum Utilization: By maximizing spectral efficiency, our platform optimizes the use of available spectrum resources, allowing wireless service providers to serve more users and applications without sacrificing performance. This ensures a higher return on investment for network operators and enables scalable network expansion.
  4. Future-Proof Connectivity: As the demand for wireless connectivity continues to grow, our PMP 450m platform provides a future-proof solution that can adapt to evolving network requirements. With interference mitigation built-in, our platform remains resilient in the face of changing RF conditions and emerging technologies.
  5. Application to numerous products across the platform: Starting with the 5 GHz 450m (available now), this technology will be released with the 3 GHz 450m and of course on the next generation of the MU-MIMO Access Point, the 450mv.

Cambium Networks is committed to empowering WISPs with high-performance, efficient solutions to grow their coverage and revenue. By incorporating interference mitigation into our PMP 450m platform, we’re delivering on that promise and revolutionizing the way wireless networks operate.

In field trials, the latest system improvements are showing significant connectivity improvement. We will be sharing the details soon. For now, I invite you to join the PMP 450 discussion on the Cambium Networks community.

Interference mitigation using digital beamforming, null steering and the post-processing of transmission signals in the PMP 450m platform represents a significant advancement in wireless technology. With its ability to enhance network performance, improve user experience, optimize spectrum utilization, and ensure future-proof connectivity, our platform continues to be a powerful solution to meet service provider needs and connect the unconnected, with better performance than ever before.