Be a Part of the Cambium College Class of 2018

By Cambium Networks

Young people are interested in the technology that is all around them. While elementary and high schools correctly focus on STEM education, young people looking to start a career in technology are seeking learning experiences that get them a basic understanding of high technology. Most start by understanding the wireless connectivity they use on a daily basis. Cambium Networks is reaching out to provide a free program that provides a solid introduction to wireless fundamentals, applications and network optimization.

Now in its second year, Cambium College is a free self-learning experience where you can learn the basics of wireless communications theory and practice. Learn from webinars and online education modules whenever you have time. Post your questions and comments to the Community and learn from wireless network operators from around the world.

This free program is particularly useful for:

  • High school and college students
  • Young people interested in a career in wireless communications
  • Adults who work in the non-technical areas of wireless communications
  • IT technicians who want to learn the basics of wireless connectivity
  • Any enterprise interested in understanding wireless technology

Here are some comments from the 2017 graduates:

  • “Good luck with the 2018 course everyone! The 2017 course helped me greatly and the information I learned has been very valuable so I can highly recommend the course to anyone thinking about joining.”
  • “I just wanted to first of all say I thought the 2017 course was great and I personally found it very helpful.”
  • “Simply excellent.”
  • “Thanks for the knowledge imparted the last months, I’ve learned various aspects I didn’t even consider before in the telecommunications area and how to deal with them. The deployment and maintenance explanations were really enriching.”

The Cambium College sessions are supplemented by the Cambium Networks Community, which provides free online access to information on wireless broadband connectivity. Here, visitors can interact on the wireless technology forums with network operators who share best practices for optimizing the technology and running a successful business based on connectivity. In addition, the Community provides a searchable encyclopedia of information verified by Cambium Networks in the Knowledge Base.

On completion of the course, there is a 50-question comprehensive test for understanding. Graduates of the program will receive a special badge on their Community profile.

Our mission to provide connectivity transcends business – promoting education, reaching underserved populations, and supporting relief efforts in the wake of disaster – to help cultivate vibrant communities for future generations. Connectivity is an important aspect of everyone’s life, and understanding the underlying technology will enable people to reach beyond their world to connect others. See some examples of how Cambium Networks equipment connects the world on our Social Responsibility web page.

Published May 22, 2018