Cambium offering a complete solution!

Six Transceivers, long reach (LX & LR)  & Short reach (SX & SR), 4 Fiber – SFP & SFP+ (1 Gbps & 10 Gbps) and 2 Copper (1 Gbps & 10 Gbps)

Part #Description
SFP-10G-SR10G SFP+ MMF SR Transceiver, 850nm.  -40C to 85C
SFP-1G-SX1G SFP MMF SX Transceiver, 850nm.  -40C to 85C
SFP-10G-LR10G SFP+ SMF LR Transceiver, 1310nm. -40C to 85C
SFP-1G-LX1G SFP SMF LX Transceiver, 1310nm. -40C to 85C
SFP-1G-Copper1000Base-T (RJ45) SFP Transceiver.  -40C to 85C 
SFP-10G-Copper10G Base-T (RJ45) SFP Transceiver.  0C to 70C 

Power Supplies


  • Uses a removeable power supply
  • CRPS (Common Removeable Power Supply)

CRPS – Available as an Accessory

  • Power Cord not included
  • 6 CRPS Options
    – 3 AC versions & 3 DC versions
Part # DescriptionAC or DCTotal Power (Watts)POE Budget (Watts)
MXCRPSAC600A0CRPS – AC – 600W total Power,  no power cordAC600~500
MXCRPSAC930A0CRPS – AC – 930W total Power, no power cordAC930~840
MXCRPSAC1200A0CRPS – AC – 1200W total Power, no power cordAC1200~1000
MXCRPSDC600A0CRPS – DC –  600W total Power, 37v-60v, no power cordDC (36v-60v)600~500
MXCRPSDC930A0CRPS – DC –  930W total Power, 37v-60v, no power cordDC (36v-60v)930~840
MXCRPSDC1200A0CRPS – DC –  1200W total Power, 37v-60v, no power cordDC (36v-60v)1200~1000
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