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Extended Warranty and All Risks Advance Replacement are available for product lines as indicated below. See your Cambium Sales Representative or Cambium Reseller for details. Some exceptions apply.

  Product Line Ext. Warranty All Risks
PTP 450 X X
PTP 450i X X
PTP 650 X X
PTP 670 X X
PTP 700 X X
PTP 820 X X
PTP 850 X X
PMP 450 X X
PMP 450i X X
PMP 450m X X
CMM4 X  
CMM5 X  
cnReach X X
cnRanger X X
ePMP X  
cnPilot R190W X  
cnPilot R190V X  
cnPilot R2XX X  
cnPilot e4XX X X
cnPilot e5XX X X
cnPilot e7XX X X
XV2-2 X X
XV3-8 X X
cnMatrix X X
28 GHz cnWave X X
60 GHz cnWave X X
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