Delivering Multi-Gigabit Tier Service with Wireless using 60 GHz Band or 6 GHz Band

In the recent order regarding the RDOF auction the FCC said “While an applicant will be permitted to select the Gigabit performance tier in its application if it intends to use fixed wireless or DSL technologies for meeting its Auction 904 public interest obligations, such applicants face a high burden to persuade Commission staff that they are reasonably capable of meeting the public interest obligations in rural areas and thus qualified to bid for the Gigabit performance tier.

This paper from Cambium Networks is designed to assist prospective bidders to persuade the Commission staff that the Gigabit tier is most certainly capable and that many of our customers are qualified and currently delivering a Gigabit service.

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Auction 903 and 904 Resources

Download FCC Application Instructions

Please note that short-form applications must be electronically submitted on Form 183 before 6 PM Eastern Time on July 15, 2020. The application should be available online on July 1, 2020.  For more information about RDOF, see the materials available on the FCC Website, especially the Auction Procedures Public Notice and the Application Tutorial. 

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