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Intelia is a service provider who developed a public Wi-Fi network in New Caledonia.


Pixius Communications meets peak demand for throughput with PMP 450m with Massive MU-MIMO technology.


Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) provides high-speed connectivity to rural business and residential customers in Texas with the PMP 450m.

Eurona Ireland

Eurona Ireland deployed the PMP 450m with cnMedusa technology to provide high speed connectivity to business and residential customers in…


VETT deployed ePMP Elevate to improve performance while getting best leverage of their equipment investment that was already installed.


Tsering G. Sherpa, Chief Executive Officer of Everest Link, shares his story on bringing high-speed broadband connectivity to the Himalayas.

Tennessee Wireless

A service provider connects a highway intersection in a remote location and creates a popular rest stop with connected gas…

Southern Rework

Southern Rework is a system integrator in Australia who has deployed cnPilot indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi solutions in more than…

Hotel Aquarios

Hotel Aquarios in Mexico uses cnPilot E500 to provide reliable WiFi service to all guests. This includes all common areas…


Impax Media works with grocery retailers to engage shoppers by providing branded communications in stores, using Wi-Fi to connect high…

Guaiba Telecom

"ePMP 2000 increased link quality for all CPEs, and reduced packets drop problems. Overall performance was good before ePMP 2000,…


WIRUlink in Johannesburg, South Africa deployed ePMP Elevate to add scalability and meet the demands of a rapidly growing network.

Scorch PMP450m

Scorch Communications in New Zealand Deploys PMP 450m to Deliver Maximum Throughput in Minimum Spectrum

eni Networks

Eni Networks of Mexico decided to develop their own wireless access network and offer connectivity to business and residential subscribers.


InfoGamer by Reboot deployed cnPilot Wi-Fi solutions to provide indoor and outdoor connectivity at the largest gamer convention in Europe.


WSP provides connectivity to towns in Brazil with licensed microwave backhaul and ePMP distribution technology.

BLIP Networks

BLIP Networks upgraded their existing network with ePMP Elevate and dramatically improved performance.

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