Webinar Replay: Discover the Future of Wi-Fi 7 Technology in your Business Operations


Cambium Networks is unveiling a new mid-market Wi-Fi 7 enterprise Access Point. Join us for an exclusive webinar replay where we delve into the true value unlocked by 6 GHz Wi-Fi.

In this webinar recording, Cambium Networks is joined by Sreeja Nair, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm. Sreeja brings a wealth of insights helping to drive Wi-Fi standards for the industry. Sreeja discusses why we believe Wi-Fi 7 will define the next generation of connected devices and applications.

Here's a quick look at what we cover:

Wi-Fi 7 Unleashed: Get up to speed on the current state of Wi-Fi 7 technology.

6 GHz Wi-Fi: Why it matters and how it’s revolutionizing enterprise networks.

Plug-n-Play Upgrade: The new Access Point supports Network Assurance automation, application control, and Auto-RF. Say goodbye to complexity!

Who Should Watch? Network architects and managers in education, MDU, hospitality, and small enterprises.