Personalized High-Bandwidth Wireless Connectivity Enables Water Management Communications


In Muscat, Oman, the Public Authority of Water (PAW) – Diam needed a new wireless connectivity solution to support a proprietary Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Partnering with Minerva Technologies, Elite International Information Systems set out to deploy a more cost-effective, reliable and personalized network solution for PAW – Diam’s needs.

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IN PAW’S EXPERIENCE, connectivity from internet service providers in the region can be unreliable… if it’s even available at all. When it is available, the monthly charges for connectivity are steep. Previously, they used a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) line to connect between the Bausher National Control Center and Barka Regional Control Center. PAW needed to switch to a wireless backhaul solution that would support wireless access control, CCTV applications, ID card solutions, power solutions and POS systems.

ELITE INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS chose to deploy Cambium products, which are proven to work under high interference and near-line-of-sight environments. Specifically, they chose PTP 670 connectorized units for fixed
wireless backhaul, which offers up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput. They implemented four links as part of this project. The high-bandwidth connectivity was chosen to support live SCADA communications to the Public Water Authority’s central control center from their regional control center.

Planning and deployment went smoothly. First, Elite International Information Systems conducted a detailed project feasibility study. Then, they planned the network. A couple of the links operate over long distances, one of which operates throughout geographical elevation changes and obstructions. The total distance between the links is 49.7 kilometers. Four 35-meter towers were constructed to overcome these obstacles. Elite tested the links with high load and saw convincing results. Following the installment, they completed the handover and trained the PAW staff to manage the network. Overall, the process took Elite International Information Systems two months to fulfill.

THE HIGH-BANDWIDTH COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION from Cambium Networks surpassed Elite’s expectations. The connectivity mainly supports SCADA communications from PAW’s central control center to the regional control center which, in turn, receives data from water reservoirs and pumping stations. Now, 30 subscribers use the network. It addresses their major pain points and runs without any major maintenance, saving their teams valuable time. The low latency, ability to relocate the system, reliability and lack of recurring charges also satisfy its requirements.