Ib-red and Cambium Networks Bring Gigabit Wireless Internet to Ciutadella’s Old Town and Cala Llonga (Menorca)


A pioneering wireless network offering fibre optic speeds is deployed in the old town of Ciutadella and Cala Llonga.

In both urban centres, Ib-red has deployed Cambium Networks’ multi-gigabit wireless technology using the 60 GHz band, bringing speeds similar to terrestrial fibre (100, 300, 600 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps) through wireless connections, without the need to trench for terrestrial cabling.

This project opens a new era of connectivity in Spain. Offering speeds even above 1 Gbps drives a new paradigm
in the digitalisation of the country. Wireless fibre is the only option to enjoy quality Internet access in many areas of Spain and not only in empty Spain.