Exceptional Subscriber Experience Powered by Self-Service Wi-Fi and Cloud Managed Oversight


Are you a broadband service provider tired of dealing with Wi-Fi related trouble reports that eat up valuable time and resources? Join us to discover Cambium’s new residential Wi-Fi solution. You’ll learn about the components of the solution, from the RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router to the cnMaestro™ cloud oversight and, of key signifcance, the Subscriber App that empowers your subscribers to be part of their own service delivery. Your business will see the benefits of greater Subscriber Experience with lower trouble ticket calls and higher satisfaction.

High performance Wi-Fi for any type of home – big, small, tall or wide
The Subscriber App delivers powerful features from network testing to content control
Preview of the Response Center, coming mid-year, which will streamline setup and provisioning, adjusting managed broadband and Wi-Fi services

This solution improves the residential subscriber experience. Pairing the new Wi-Fi with Cambium Networks’ QoE (quality of experience) appliance, fixed wireless or fiber broadband to measurably lower costs and increase revenue opportunities.