Eliminating Internet Bottlenecks: Increased Connectivity for a High-Performing Client Experience


SAF was selected by Array to provide a proprietary wireless network that increased performance and connectivity to support their client engagement software.

Read the case study to learn how SAF used Cambium Networks technology to design a well-balanced network architecture that ultimately increased revenue and profitability.

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Recently, Syn Ack Fin Network & Computer Services (SAF) partnered with Array to provide them with a proprietary wireless network. Before the partnership with SAF, Array was relying on a subpar network that could not meet their connectivity needs. Specifically, Array’s network relied on non-enterprise class hardware. These components were deployed in an extremely complex design, creating multiple “internet bottlenecks” that drastically diminished end-user experience. A bottleneck is a general term used to describe diminished network speed that occurs when a large number of users simultaneously attempt to access a particular resource. This occurrence creates chokepoints within the network. While these bottlenecks can be eliminated by deploying robust hardware and refining the design of the network, this was impossible given the quality of the components that Array was currently using.

Array set forth clear expectations for the new network. They needed to increase performance and connectivity in order to support their proprietary client engagement software. The existing network solution was not providing a reliable or high-performing client experience. A lack of a quality user experience was damaging the Array’s brand reputation, which was ultimately impacting profitability. In order to remedy the issue, SAF needed to perform a complete overhaul of the existing design. The installation team began by replacing Array’s existing server solution with a true enterprise-class server that could support their needs. Then, they deployed enterprise-class network switching components and wireless access points. SAF artfully configured the new network to support the requirements of the Array’s proprietary application. Once this was complete, they performed extensive real-world testing and presented the results to Array. After they confirmed that these results exceeded expectations, SAF proceeded with a full-scale rollout of the solution.

SAF is known for providing clients with dynamic solutions that address their unique pain points. SAF crafts every strategy with the experience of end users in mind. In order to eliminate these pain points, SAF wanted to supply the client with leading edge technology. To support the Array’s customer engagement software, SAF had to design a high-density wireless network. They needed to provide this solution while also minimizing long-term ownership costs and offering superior flexibility to the Array’s in-house development team.