Gain deep Wi-Fi insights with rich virtual enterprise Wi-Fi platform

Dynamic Technology:

Full suite of integrated services including automatic performance optimization and EasyPass, which lets visitors self-register or use social media credentials to connect quickly and easily. Xirrus Positioning System (XPS) can locate up to 100,000 devices instantly.

Customizable Reports:

Access pre-defined and customizable network assessment reports including information about applications, clients, APs, and overall performance as well as traffic statistics for troubleshooting, trend analysis, and capacity planning. Stats can be exported to spreadsheets or other tools for further analysis and use.

Unified Management:

Get a single pane view into the entire wired and wireless network including the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 APs and simplify network management with a unified access layer. Streamline IT operations with powerful tools in a single platform.

XMS-Enterprise benefits:

Streamline Operations

Comprehensive suite let you design, deploy, monitor, and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks from a single intuitive console. Built for massive scalability, XMS-Enterprise can support a Wi-Fi network with tens of thousands of APs.

Simplify Management

Deploy Wi-Fi networks in minutes with zero-touch provisioning—no need to rely on IT. Integrated application intelligence enables network administrators to control and prioritize critical applications to ensure predictable performance even when the network is under heavy load.

Instant Access

Give users simple, secure access to the Wi-Fi network with EasyPass—including employees, guests, customers, BYOD or IoT devices. IT administrators can track user activity from a single dashboard for security and control. EasyPass integrates with Microsoft Office 365 (Azure) and Google App ecosystems for simple single sign-on (SSO) to access domain resources. And with EasyPass Personal users can create a secure, personal network on a public Wi-Fi network. 

XMS-Enterprise On-Premises Management


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