cnPulse Sync Generator


cnPulse Operation

Mode 1: AUX Serial mode (uses cnPulse port 1)
cnPulse derives power input from the radio or CMM port and returns the 1PPS signal and satellite statistics on port 1. Typically used on CMM5, cnReach and the AUX ports on PMP 450i, PMP450m or PTP 450i
Mode 2: CambiumSYNC In-line mode (uses cnPulse port 2 and port 3)
cnPulse is deployed in-line with the radio’s CAT-5 drop cable. cnPulse receives power (and data) from the ODU’s PoE power injector on port 3. cnPulse port 2 then outputs PoE+Data+CambiumSYNC to the main input on a radio. Typically used on PTP 550.


CambiumSYNC mode
PMP 450i, PTP 450i, PMP 450m, PTP 550, ePMP 2000, ePMP 3000
Aux Serial mode
CMM5, PMP 450m, PMP 450i, PTP 450i

Data Interface

Communication Standard
NMEA – 0183
Interface technology
1 PPS, Tx GPS Location Data (Serial 8/N/1 9600 bps)


-148 dBm
-165 dBm