Deliver unique experiences with contextual location information

The Xirrus Positioning System (XPS) empowers you by enabling contextual location data to deliver unique user experiences for thousands of visitors simultaneously—ideal for retail shops, public malls, convention centers, sports arenas and more. 

Xirrus delivers what other vendors can’t:

  • Tracks up to 100,000 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously
  • Powerful processors in every AP calculate location & deliver ultra-fast position updates
  • Works with connected and unconnected Wi-Fi devices
  • No need for expensive central location appliance
  • Employs standards-based RESTful JSON API

XPS benefits:

Ultra-Fast Performance

With two to six core processors in every Xirrus AP, the distributed XPS location system delivers exponential location information faster than centralized systems. Monitor clients in real-time using pre-set X/Y coordinates within APs, and transmit data between APs using minimal bandwidth.

Simple Deployment

Integrated with XMS Wi-Fi network management, XPS takes only minutes to configure. Locate clients in real-time from a single management dashboard on floor plans imported into the system. Track all types of Wi-Fi enabled devices including BYOD, IoT sensors, rogue access points, and more.

XPS highlights:

Highly-Scalable Architecture

XPS is the only solution that distributes intensive client location calculation across all APs in the network. Pinpoint locations on a massive scale—up to 100,000 clients at once—without the need for an expensive centralized engine.

Extensible & Secure Platform

XPS easily integrates with third party industry-specific and other applications via a standards based push/pull RESTful JSON API so businesses can interact with customers and deliver unique, value-add services. TLS security through the https protocol ensures secure transmission of location data.

Customizable Engagement

Processing instantaneous location data for tens of thousands of Wi-Fi devices at once opens the door to a wide range of unique applications—museums can deliver audio narrative by exhibit, sports fans can find concession stands with short lines, and conference goers can get itineraries and directions to each session. The possibilities are endless.

Xirrus Positioning System for Location Services


Technical Specs

Virtual Environment
Processor Cores
Minimum of 4
Main Memory
Minimum of 4GB
100,000 clients per server instance

Xirrus Positioning System for Location Services


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