True multi-tenant platform for globally distributed enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers (MSP)

Managed Service Providers (MSP) can activate new locations, provision equipment, and turn on WaaS revenue streams within minutes. The integrated MSP dashboard also allows Network Operations Center (NOC) staff to monitor and manage every customer from a single console.

CommandCenter Empowers Enterprises and Managed Service Providers with:

Management Made Easy: Control thousands of customer networks using Xirrus CommandCenter with multi-tenant management. Single, centralized console allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting so you can shorten response times and minimize downtime.

Deploy Quickly: Activate and provision new customers in minutes to reduce deployment and overhead costs and create networks instantly. Plus, with the ability to reassign APs to new networks or tenants on demand you’ll save even more while gaining control over your inventory and resources. 

Exceed Expectations: Manage all your networks or locations from a single console that does it all—NOC style dashboard simplifies monitoring, triaging, and troubleshooting so you can deliver the best customer experience and exceed your SLAs. Turn up new customers and ramp up revenue faster than ever with zero-touch activation and integrated provisioning tools.

CommandCenter benefits:

Grow Your Business & Your Profits

Reduce maintenance costs and eliminate deployment overhead across distributed enterprises with our turnkey, cloud-based service. Enable simplified provisioning, operations, and user access management with a single solution. MSPs can optimize service revenue with complete control of customers and equipment.

Simplify Provisioning

Easily create, change, or delete customer accounts in real-time and centralize role-based access assignments to different accounts. Add, move, or change equipment between locations or tenants simply by dragging and dropping. 

Enhance Efficiency

Streamline operations and reduce overhead with zero-touch activation and automated processes. Monitor distributed networks and tenant networks from a single dashboard with our highly-scalable hosted platform that delivers flexibility to grow on demand.

Command Center Multi-Tenancy Solution


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