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The purchase limit is $200,000 per project per fiscal year (July – June) for the IT Hardware EPL without additional approval from ITS. For purchases over $50,000, the customer MUST obtain quotations from two or more EPL sellers.

EPL Expiration Date: June 30, 2019 

Access Points

The Xirrus Wi-Fi Access Points delivers 2X more range, 4X more coverage, 8X more bandwidth, and 14X more throughput per cable drop – using 75% fewer devices, cables, and switch ports with the fraction of the installation time.

Xirrus Management System

The Xirrus Management System (XMS) provides centralized configuration and RF management, security control and policies (IDS/IPS), performance monitoring, and reporting for hundreds of Access Points across a Layer 3 network.

Power Options

Xirrus offers both AC and Power over Gigabit Ethernet (PoGE) DC systems to provide simple, low cost options to remotely power Xirrus Arrays. The PoGE system delivers DC power in-line with the Access Point’s Gigabit Ethernet data connection.


Xirrus offers a variety of indoor and outdoor enclosures and mounting options for the Wi-Fi Access Points, providing deployment flexibility for all kinds of environments and ensuring protection for mission-critical networks.

Rapid Deployment Kit

The Xirrus Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Kit includes all the elements needed to transport and deploy a high performance wireless network for hundreds of users.