Welcome to the Cambium Networks WISP Consultant page

What is it about?

Cambium recognizes that running a WISP is more than just picking the right radio solution. It is about running a business, worrying about installation efficiency, billing, provisioning of new users, marketing of your services and last but not least keeping the middle of the night support calls to a minimum. While focusing on developing affordable and reliable wireless solutions Cambium is embarking on a new mission to be the founding sponsor of a WISP consulting group. Cambium’s mission is to help bring a group of industry experts together across a multitude of areas and together with this group offer an avenue to consult and learn from each other.

What does it mean for the WISP?

The consulting group will be available to any WISP for consulting services and is independent of Cambium. Through Cambium’s sponsorship, WISPs engaging through the consultants can take advantage of special discounts on equipment and limited hours of free training on Cambium gear.

Who can join?

Industry recognized consultants across the various areas of a WISP business are welcome to join the consultant group.

If you would like to be included in this list of experienced professionals, or have any specific questions please email: epmpconsultants@cambiumnetworks.com

Please welcome our earliest members of the consultant group

North America

Joshaven Potter

I began my ISP career in 2001 as a network administrator for a dialup ISP. In order to meet customers needs for higher bandwidth, I designed and successfully implemented our area’s first Wireless ISP. In my early professional years, I worked as a network administrator, wireless installer, software developer, and network operations analyst. Later I moved on to technical director and business owner, which has equipped me to provide top to bottom consulting to my clients.

I began to become influential in the WISP industry in 2011 by following and contributing to multiple message boards and forums. For years I worked hard to daily provide multiple best answers to the hardest questions that I could find. This dedication resulted in an unexpected demand for consulting services both domestically and internationally, due in large part, to people running across my answers while looking for solutions.

I have continued deepening and widening my knowledge in the WISP industry by building and strengthening WISPs all around the world through consulting. My focus as a WISP consultant is “developing profitability”. The ePMP product line has helped me, more than any other product, deliver on my my promise to develop profitability for WISP’s all around the world. It is truly an honor to be recognized by Cambium as a Wireless Professional.


Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson is an ISP veteran with over 25 years in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) field. Justin has started and managed dial-up, wireless, cable, and fiber ISPs. Just started with BBS systems in the early 1990s and soon after that went to work as specialist for a dial-up ISP during the days of 56k modems. Here, Justin was introduced to wireless technology in 1999 with a point to point link from a telephone central office to their tech support office. This increased the bandwidth to the office from a whopping 1.5 meg t-1 to 10 megs. Justin went on to be the first one to bring high speed wireless to his county in 2004 utilizing Motorola Canopy and Waverider gear.

In 2006 Justin started working with Steve Narducci to create a WISP in the Anderson, Indiana area. This network grew to over 2000 subscribers in less than 3 years before being sold. In 2010 Steve and Justin created another wisp called ZigWireless and grew that to close to 2000 subscribers before selling in 2013. Since 2006 Justin has been an active WISP consultant.

Justin holds certifications from Mikrotik, Cisco, Comtrain, and others. Cambium ePMP certification is his latest industry certification. He has been a speaker and presenter at several WISPA shows in addition to other trade organizations. Justin has been a co-author on several white papers regarding Internet technologies. In 2012 Justin received the Knights of the Black tie award from WISPA. Justin is a regular participant in “The BrothersWISP podcast” as well as an active blogger at www.j2sw.com.

Justin is the CEO of MTIN.NET LLC, a consulting firm specializing in ISP and enterprise markets. MTIN offers Data Center services, bandwidth, hosting, and consulting services to network operators. Justin is also a managing partner of MidWest Internet Exchange (www.midwest-ix.com)”