Note: This web page is provided for demonstration purposes as an example of how a cnMaestro Work OrderPRO feature may function.

Subscriber details

Subscriber ID:
Subscriber Name:

Work order details


Configuration for Subscriber Module

Device name:
Key type (128-bit):
Pre-shared Key (128 bit):
Key type (256 bit):
Pre-shared Key (256 bit):
AAA Username:
AAA Username:
AAA Password:
AAA Phase1:
AAA Phase2:
AAA Identity:
AAA Realm:

Enable NAT:
IP Settings:
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
PPPoE Access Concentrator:
PPPoE Service Name:
PPPoE Authentication:
PPPoE Username:
PPPoE Password:

Management VLAN: Data VLAN:
Staging configuration:

cnMaestro Onboarding

Variable1: Value1:
Variable2: Value2:
Variable3: Value3:
Variable4: Value4:
Variable5: Value5:
Variable6: Value6:
Variable7: Value7:
Variable8: Value8:
Variable9: Value9:
Variable10: Value10:

Fields submitted

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