Wireless is the New Fiber – A Cambium Innovation

By Cambium Networks

In my almost 8 years at the helm of Cambium Networks, I have found that technology is no more predictable than anything else, but these guidelines continually propel us forward. 

  • Sustainable business growth comes from innovation. This requires listening carefully to immediate and latent needs of our customers. Long-term innovation is a marathon race and not a sprint. The best people are working hard on upcoming products as well as immediate issues, while regularly allocating time to insightfully understand the emerging technologies such as  Wi-Fi 6CBRS and millimeter wave.
  • Let people with can-do attitude rise. Programs need to be led by doers who rise to the emerging challenges. Support them strongly. Give them the necessary air cover. These individuals inspire everyone else in the organization. By increasing their responsibilities, we significantly increase our chances of success.
  • Focus on enabling and empowering communities. While we manufacture wireless communications technology, each one of our employees, channel partners and network operator customers is contributing to the betterment of society by “connecting the unconnected.” It is fulfilling to see people bridging the digital divide and improving commerce, education, health care and public safety in ways that were never before feasible. It’s very gratifying. 

The future is always a bit uncertain, and today’s pace of change is unprecedented. Looking forward, I am sure that the future belongs to those who are innovating now. They are watching, listening and planning to adapt for whatever is to come.

Published October 21, 2020