Wi-Fi for a Stadium Full of Fans

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks technology provides a wireless fabric of connectivity solutions that are flexible and affordable to provide edge access in almost any location. Our team was recently challenged to provide complete coverage for a cricket stadium in Chennai, India. The stadium is a famous landmark with a capacity for 38,000 fans seeking to share their photos and videos from a match.

Connectivity: Thousands of fans are densely packed, and the Wi-Fi network needed both coverage and capacity to meet spikes when throughput is demanded. 563 of our cnPilot™ indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Points deliver Gigabit connectivity that satisfies avid fans.

Management: Connectivity is a challenge, and cloud-based end-to-end management ensures consistent top tier performance. The entire end-to-end network is managed from a “bird’s eye view” by our cnMaestro™ system.

Support: The Chennai stadium project, just like all of our solutions, is backed by our global support organization that provides services tailored programs optimized to meet the business needs of the network operator.

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Results: As is the case in any sports event, there are some great statistics to report:

  • 890 GB of data delivered to fans in one day
  • 6,000 devices connected in one day, with 3,000 simultaneously on line at the peak
  • 20 Mbps average speed delivered to each fan online
  • 90 Mbps delivered to the stadium camera crew

Our intelligent edge connectivity solutions enable service providers and network operators to offer the fastest and most flexible services to their customers and enable high-speed cloud access to devices, sensors and controls in dense urban areas and remote locations.

If you have a stadium project, contact us. We can also leverage our experience to connecting whatever location is important to you.

Published September 18, 2018