2017 Wireless Broadband Predictions and Trends

With wireless broadband networks deployed in business and residential networks around the world, we are constantly discussing trends and requirements with customers and service providers. Here is our view of the major trends that will drive the broadband wireless industry in the new year and beyond.

Connectivity solutions for federal agencies and government

Solutions that are labeled “field proven” and “agency vetted” carry particular significance to federal government network operators, information assurance officers, and spectrum managers who know that considerable effort has been placed in developing these technologies. For Cambium Networks, these descriptors signify that our wireless broadband solutions have met strict security…

Overshadowed Features and Product Launches

Headline specifications have been the focus of technology marketers since the inception of the spec sheet. Inevitably they steal the show – but who amongst us actually believes the miles per gallon claims put forward by car manufactures as accurate to their daily commute?