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When students cannot access learning, they go off task, teachers go into crisis mode and IT teams cannot get there fast enough. Schools feel that they cannot afford to deliver great wireless to connect multiple devices per student. Reliable and efficient Wi-Fi removes the frustration and anxiety from the classroom.…

Wireless as a Service

In his seminal book In Search of Excellence, one of Tom Peters’ key points is to “Stick to the Knitting.” The idea is that business leaders should stay close to the core of their business and concentrate on investing in improvements on what you do best. The idea sounds obvious,…

School girls working on their homework digitally

Cambium Networks and Connectivity for Education

Cambium Networks and its partners understand that education is a huge frontier for connectivity, offering today’s students and educators unprecedented access to information and ways to share it, and ever-evolving applications to explore new ways of learning. Together, they offer solutions that can connect classrooms and campuses of any shape…

Prepare for 2020 Education e-rate Financing

I recently attended a career day at my son’s Piedmont Middle School in Milpitas California.  It was enormously successful thanks to excellent preparation by the educators, staff and the student web leaders.  Thirty-five presenters shared advice and entertained the students about the music industry, 3D printed medical devices, robotics and…

School girls working on their homework digitally

Reach for More in Education Connectivity

Each of us remembers at least one teacher who made us feel good about learning. This person encouraged us to stretch our abilities to have a greater understanding of our world. As an adult, I admire the ability of teachers to engage each child. For me, teachers demonstrated that learning…

Cambium Networks Launches Advanced Enterprise Class Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point for Enterprise and Industrial campuses, and Events and Public Access Applications

cnPilot™ e700 provides Gigabit throughput and 802.11ac Wave 2 connectivity with 512 Client Capacity ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, July 11, 2018 — Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced the new cnPilot e700, a cloud-managed enterprise class outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point. With an IP67-rated enclosure, supporting the…

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