Profitably Connecting New Markets

By Cambium Networks   April 9, 2021

Tizeti networks, a service provider in Nigeria, started a few years ago in the densely populated city of Lagos and their business model is rapidly growing across Western Africa. From the start, Tizeti and Cambium Networks worked proactively and architected the network for high efficiency. They currently connect more than 2 million people and are growing fast. They have cracked the code to provide cost-effective broadband for $35 average revenue per user (ARPU) customers. Recently named to Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa, Tizeti is truly changing the world.

How do they do it? Tizeti operates a low-cost fixed wireless broadband network and passes the savings on to their customers.

Kendall Ananyi, founder and CEO of Tizeti, shares his “secret sauce” that enables him to achieve so much impact with limited capital.

  • A fixed wireless infrastructure enables Tizeti to own and operate more than 100 towers
  • Because fixed wireless is much more efficient that 2G/3G/4G technology, tower equipment is solar powered and eliminates the cost, installation and maintenance of generators and other equipment
  • Fixed wireless equipment performs reliably in high density applications and noisy environments, significantly reducing maintenance costs

Kendall describes how the difference in operations costs has enabled Tizeti to capture a significant market where other technologies had no business case. “Other providers can only cover that (cost) by taxing the end user with data cap plans.” Without those additional costs, Tizeti can pass savings to the end-user customers.

The Tizeti network includes:

Tizeti is truly disruptive as a service provider. Reliable, affordable broadband is here today. This technology can be yours to deploy, or it can be your competition. Watch the interview with Kendall for the details on how he is bridging the digital divide.