Preparing Connectivity for Any Disaster

By Cambium Networks   July 20, 2018

Disasters are by nature unpredictable and can take many forms. One thing that is common to all disaster recovery efforts, however, is that rapidly deployable communications help coordinate first responders and support agencies to provide the best possible help to people in need.

Disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. The recent rescue effort of the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand is an illustration of how large response teams can be called to a remote location. Thanks to the efforts of wireless solution provider KING IT working together with 3BB, the local telco, the team created a hotspot at the cave entrance with Wi-Fi connectivity provided by Cambium Networks’ cnPilot™ outdoor access points , and monitored the network with the cnMaestro™ management system.

To help others rapidly create a high-capacity wireless network wherever it is needed, KING IT has shared some details of the connectivity deployed , and monitored the network with the cnMaestro™ management system at the scene. I invite you to review this solution paper, which includes the specifics of the connectivity used. Hopefully this information will help people create connectivity in an incident now unforeseen.

Communications professionals need to be available and prepared. Our forward-deployed team of thousands of global partners is ready to work with the local service providers anywhere to provide similar rapidly deployable, highly reliable, high-capacity connectivity, and the people of Cambium Networks are ready to share our experience.