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Meeting Today’s Needs while Looking Forward

One of the challenges in developing new technology platforms is to address both the initial set of requirements (what customers need today) and future requirements (what customers will need tomorrow). System architects are challenged to build products with the flexibility and agility to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving…

What does it take to host a global sporting event?

Every major sporting event provides the communications industry an opportunity to show off the latest equipment and timing systems at its stadiums and venues, and upgrade communications and surveillance infrastructure in host cities. While you are broadcasting to the world, you need precise timing, very low latency, and highly reliable…

Optimizing ROI When Delivering Business Services

For network operators, specifically wireless broadband service providers, delivering connectivity to small- and medium-sized businesses is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sources of new business. Of course, it is also the most competitive area with the most demanding customers, behooving participants to get smart about SMB services.

To You in the Cap and Gown

At commencements all over the world, graduates are hearing inspirational life advice from distinguished speakers, but little about how to successfully enter the workforce. Perhaps these nuggets are less grandiose, but they are vital to getting off on the right foot professionally.

Achieving Network Agility through Unsynchronized and GPS Sync Solutions

The majority of our customers operate in challenging RF environments. This can occur because of noise from other devices, but bodies of water, foliage and temperature inversions also wreak havoc on RF signals. The ability to resist interference, scale networks and continuously satisfy ever-increasing subscriber demands are vital to our…

Mitigating Lightning Damage

This week is Lightning Safety Awareness Week, which focus on educating the public on avoiding injury or death due to lightning strike. Lightning is an on-going global concern for the wireless broadband industry, not only for the safety of employees but also for the protection of tower-mounted assets. Lightning can…

A Solution to the Dreaded 1x on Your Cellphone

LTE (Long Term Evolution), typically marketed as 4G LTE, has become synonymous with “high speed” mobile access -- it is the truly unfortunate that see 3G or even worse 1x on mobile phone displays. Verizon recently tantalizingly announced the launch of XLTE” – the next generation breakthrough in mobile broadband…

Social Progress Index, Part 2

With the news cycle dominated by reports on natural disasters, tragic accidents, warfare, revolutions and other hard-hitting headlines, it is not always easy to find positive news stories. We were thrilled, then, to read this positive ZDNet story entitled “Remote Nepal villages bridging digital gap with local cloud,” featuring one…

True Measures of Progress

Water and sanitation. Shelter. Personal freedoms. It’s easy to take these “soft” measures of social progress for granted, even though their value is unimaginably high when you consider what life would be like without them. As such and to my knowledge, they haven’t been systematically quantified on a large scale…

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