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It Takes a Village to Connect the Unconnected

There was much discussion yesterday after Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at Mobile World Congress 2015. CNBC and Business Insider discussed the industry reaction to Zuckerberg’s keynote in 2014 and the backlash from major global carriers that were suspicious of capitalizing on the decades of infrastructural investment made by the telcos.

Mobile Innovation for Inclusion

¡Hola de Barcelona! We’re at Mobile World Congress now and are already inspired by what we’re hearing in keynote sessions. On Monday, a session titled Innovating for Inclusion covered how “mobile is helping to bridge the digital divide by delivering essential services where they are most needed as well as…

Top Five Applications of Sub-6 GHz PTP Products for Service Providers

I’m continuously soliciting input from network operators around the world about what they’d like to see in a sub-6 GHz point-to-point (PTP) solution, and frequently hear these three: Secure and reliable connectivity One platform that can quickly be adapted new connectivity requirements Solid return on investment encompassing training, spares, network…

Why make the move away from WiMAX?

In the recent past, 802.16-based wireless products were “the next big thing.” However, this protocol and the radio technology that supported it has withered in both availability and performance. Chipset manufacturers have moved on to other platforms, and Cambium Networks has focused our efforts on producing industry leading solutions based…

Finding Connectivity Relevance for Seniors and the Disabled

ecently, the National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA) released its annual report, “Exploring the Digital Nation: Embracing the Mobile Internet.” Detailing the state of connectivity in the US, the report featured a few statistics in particular that jumped out at us:

A Wireless Broadband Gateway to Smarter Schools & Hospitals

The one-room schoolhouse. The barber shop doubling as a healthcare clinic. These images of small town living tend to stand as notions of how things “used to be.” This is not to say that pared down public facilities have ceased to exist, or that all communities require or could support…

Much Ado About Cord Cutting

It’s impossible to miss the proliferation of screens in our society. Take a look around the next time you’re on public transit, at a café or on a plane: The vast majority of people you’ll see are surfing the web, tapping out an email, playing mobile games or watching Game…

What to Expect from Cleveland’s “Super Gig” Era

What would you do with a 100-gigabit connection? This is what Clevelanders are thinking about now with the news that the “Rock and Roll Capital of the World” will begin building the nation’s fastest commercial Internet connectioniStock_000017628316Large.jpg this January.

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