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Blasting Into the Future with Fixed Wireless Broadband

One of the great things about my job leading Cambium Networks’ global go-to-market team is my exposure to the many innovative ways that our partners use our equipment to quench their customers’ ever-growing thirst for high-speed broadband. I am constantly impressed by the ingenuity and commitment displayed by our service…

What Telcos and WISPs Can Gain from Sprint’s Service Challenges

Sprint is at it again: As reported by Fierce Telecom, Sprint is calling for more competition in the wholesale backhaul market to expand its wireless network. During his keynote session at Comptel Plus, Dow Draper, Sprint’s president of wholesale and prepaid, stated that more wireline backhaul sources will bring down…

Happy 10th Birthday, YouTube!

A decade ago, water cooler conversation went from discussing the latest happenings on the “Lost” island and just how bad Jack Bauer’s day could possibly get to, “Did you see the video of Blog - Youtube Bday_.jpgthe guy at the zoo?” His banal take on elephant anatomy – “the cool…

Be the First to See PTP 820 on Tour!

The PTP 820 product group is thrilled to hit the road and hopefully meet you during its first scheduled stops in the US. At these free technical seminars, we’ll offer subject matter experts and hands-on training. Most importantly, we’ll gather feedback on your deployments. You’ll also have a unique opportunity…

Broadband vs. Narrowband: A Bout Worthy of Your Time

Forget whatever’s happening tomorrow night – the match up worthy of your time and attention is broadband versus narrowband. Our very own Bruce Collins recently spoke to Microwaves & RF about this topic and the benefits of enhanced data rates and long-range reliable communications.

Attend an ePMP Technical Seminar in 2015

We are excited to invite you once again to join the ePMP product group for a technical hands-on seminar in your city. We completed ePMP’s 2014 tour with a total of 50 seminars around the world and have made it a goal to double the number of locations in 2015.

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