Network Operators Enjoy More Freedom to Offer Access with cnConcierge™ Mobile App

By Cambium Networks
Cambium Networks Support

Cambium Networks is proud to introduce cnConcierge™, a mobile application network administrators can use to manage user access through cnMaestro™ from the convenience of their Android and Apple devices.

cnMaestro cloud-based or on-premises network management system enables operators to configure their networks for one or a combination of several types of user access, from administrative access for internal business applications to offering Wi-Fi to customers via vouchers or social media login.

cnConcierge simplifies the distribution of captive portal vouchers, enabling administrators to transmit access codes to users via the app itself, email, text message, or as a printable coupon. Parameters of use such as duration of access and traffic rates can be also be established and managed through the app.

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Download cnConcierge for Android or Apple IOS

Published August 31, 2018