Markoff’s Haunted Forest: A Tale of Blazing Connectivity

By Karuna Kochar

Nestled deep in the woods, far from the reach of landlines or mobile signals, lies the award-winning Markoff’s Haunted Forest, a popular attraction known for its eerie thrills. In 2023, the team installed 2 Cambium XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi access points on the “Bell Tower” in the center of the property. These outdoor Wi-Fi units were responsible for all online ticketing and entry systems, light/sound systems for the haunting events and vendor credit card processing.

Once the outdoor Wi-Fi was made available to the employees, without even realizing it, they gravitated to Wi-Fi calling across the property rather than relying on their walkie-talkies when away from the few buildings with indoor Wi-Fi. Devices on the outdoor Wi-Fi were regularly seeing 300/300 speed tests with less than 8ms pings.

One fateful day, an unexpected and terrifying ordeal tested the limits of their infrastructure and showcased the unyielding reliability of Cambium Networks’ technology. A fire broke out in the central building of the park. The flames quickly spread, turning the structure into an inferno and threatening to sever the lifeline of communication in this remote area.

The staff quickly sprang into action. As the building hosting the only outdoor Wi-Fi APs was burning to the ground, an employee was able to use these devices on Wi-Fi calling to notify the fire department. The fire department was alerted swiftly, thanks to the resilient Wi-Fi network.

Cambium Networks XV2-2T Outdoor wireless access point on the burnt Bell Tower in Markoff's Haunted Forest

Even as the flames climbed the walls and fire hoses drenched the access points, the connectivity held firm. The staff continued to make crucial calls, coordinating the rescue efforts and ensuring everyone’s safety using Wi-Fi calling, which could be seen via the cnMaestro cloud-based network management system.

The Cambium Networks XV2-2T outdoor wireless access point continued to work for a Wi-Fi call during a fire

This harrowing incident at Markoff’s Haunted Forest more than just a story of survival; it is a testament to the performance of Cambium Networks’ robust technology that shined through the tests of the elements – Fire & Water.

Published June 4, 2024