Honored to be Named WISPA 2019 Manufacturer of the Year

By Cambium Networks

Wireless is the future. At Cambium Networks we understand that and the underlying RF technology, hardware, software and management systems that make it possible to have a wireless fabric of connectivity solutions that is flexible and affordable. But what is the process for how we gained that deep knowledge that is part of our DNA as a company? This knowledge didn’t come from a lab environment. We learned it by listening to pioneer network operator customers.

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) are on the leading edge of connecting the unconnected. These organic networks are highly focused on providing consistently reliable high-speed connectivity to their local communities. Their experience covers difficult terrain, noisy RF environments and demanding customers. WISPs, in turn, demand a lot from their equipment suppliers. They test technologies and provide detailed data-driven feedback. They require top-notch technical performance and demand affordable solutions that can prove their value.

Each year, the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA) members convene at the WISPAPALOOZA conference to share best practices, openly discuss methods to improve their businesses and see the latest technology. As part of the conference, the WISP network operators vote for a Manufacturer of the Year.

I am deeply honored to report that these network operators have selected Cambium Networks as the Manufacturer of the Year for 2019. This is particularly significant because this is now the third year in a row that we have been awarded this distinction.

Any relationship will experience challenges over time. To be successful over the long haul, a relationship must include one party’s deep commitment to the success of the other party. Our commitment to WISPs is consistent with what Cambium Networks brings to every network operator customer relationship:

  • Be a steadfast partner in your journey
  • Relentless innovation for high-quality, yet affordable solutions
  • Usher new services for residential and businesses and help you grow revenue
  • Superb spectral efficiency with MU-MIMO architectures
  • Maximize backwards compatibility for superb investment protection
  • Demystify complexity as new technologies emerge

It is my pleasure to lead a team that faces change and challenges with such strong resolve. All Cambium Networks team members thank the Wireless ISPs for this award. We are ready to continue to perform to solve the challenges in any network.

Published October 15, 2019