Heroes Who Improve the World Through Connectivity

By Cambium Networks

Unlike in popular movies, a real-life hero does not need a cape. The Cambium Networks Connectivity Hero Award recognizes individuals who have made a difference in the lives of people and improved communities through their efforts to extend wireless connectivity and connect the unconnected.

At a moment when the FCC is declaring that the digital divide has substantially narrowed in the United States, there remain many people around the world who have no access to high-speed service. Connecting young people improves education and makes a lasting change that improves young peoples’ lives forever. Wireless connectivity can leap far into rural areas and immediately connect students to the rest of the world, literally bridging the digital divide.

Each quarter, we spotlight true leaders of connectivity.

2018 Connectivity Hero of the Year and Fourth Quarter Hero – Duduzile Mkhwanazi, Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe is an award-winning, non-profit organization which works with the public and private sectors to bring internet access to low-income communities across South Africa. The program facilitates and enables the deployment of free internet hotspots within walking distance in low-income communities for educational purposes, economic development and social inclusion. It illustrates that the best means of addressing inequality in our communities is the deployment of public-or privately funded free Wi-Fi in low-income communities.

2018 Fourth Quarter Hero

  • Eric Wills, Wireless Applications Corp. After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, many of the wireless providers were faced with the overwhelming work ahead to get all facilities back in working order for residents and businesses. Through the tight and loyal business relationship between Wireless Applications Corporation and Neptuno Networks (one of the major three wireless providers on the island), the utilization of wireless applications services team helped to quickly identify the outage areas, redesign and reroute microwave links to reach residents and businesses in the path, and get them back up and running faster than any provider on the island.

I encourage you to see the faces of each of the people who have won the Connectivity Hero Award and read though their stories. These men and women exemplify caring and commitment, which when coupled with action, can change the world. If you know of someone who belongs to this group, please take a moment and nominate them for a future award.





Published February 22, 2019