Heroes Rise to the Challenge

By Cambium Networks

Heroes find ways to make things happen. Using their professional knowledge and relationships, Wireless Connectivity Heroes chart out groundbreaking solutions that are rapidly deployed and significantly change the nature of business, education, healthcare and public safety in a community.

Using the latest wireless communications technology, these leaders show the changes that can be made by rapidly deploying gigabit wireless communications far faster and at a lower cost than fiber or wired infrastructure. Their legacy is a deployed template for others to replicate.

Each quarter, we celebrate the successes of those who put the needs of the community first. Our newest Wireless Connectivity Heroes have taken it upon themselves to leverage their time and talents to connect businesses, residences, schools and hospitals. Cambium Networks will continue to celebrate more heroes each quarter. Please take a moment to nominate an individual or company who is making a difference with wireless connectivity in your area.

3Q 2020 Heroes:

Jonathan is the driving force building wireless internet access networks in townships across South Africa. “We make a measurable impact on people’s lives,” says Endersby. “We provide an affordable option to have internet.” This impacts their daily lives by enabling education, commerce and bridging the digital divide. Jonathan details his approach in this video.

Miguel and Drew worked hand in hand with the Mayor and Superintendent of Schools of McAllen, Texas to deploy a community-wide fixed wireless broadband and outdoor Wi-Fi access network serving thousands of students. Design and deployment were completed in a matter of weeks, resulting in internet access opportunities for many students, faculty and citizens who otherwise would not have easy and affordable access. Find out more about this deployment in this San Antonio Business Journal article.

Forest is an enrolled citizen of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation and has spent half of his life in and around tribal government and tribal business. His recent efforts include helping provide connectivity to support education among members of the Yurok Tribe, Karuk Tribe and Hoopa Tribe. Forest is a noteworthy advocate for Tribal organizations across the country, assisting with 2.5 GHz spectrum filing as well as securing and deploying with broadband funding grants. Find out more about Forest and EnerTribe here.

Published November 9, 2020