Cloud Management Made Easy

By Cambium Networks   September 15, 2020

Cambium Networks’ cnMaestro™ cloud-based management system just crossed 1.5 million total devices under management with about 500,000 devices managed from cnMaestro cloud. With this, Cambium Networks also achieved another important milestone of supporting third-party end points in cnMaestro. Machfu, a leader in smart grid IoT, becomes the first company whose endpoints can now be onboarded, monitored and managed with cnMaestro. This allows customers to use a single management tool for Cambium infrastructure and Machfu IoT endpoints, improving Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).   

cnMaestro now manages Machfu’s IIoT gateway that connects industrial controllers and sensors to existing backend systems and the cloud.

A quick touch on some key attributes of cnMaestro:

  • cnMaestro is a unified management platform via a single dashboard for Cambium Networks’ wireless and wired portfolio that includes Enterprise Wi-Fi and Switching, Fixed Wireless Broadband and Industrial IoT solutions. With support for Machfu, we have extended the platform capabilities to include support for third-party endpoints.  
  • cnMaestro provides deployment flexibility and best TCO with choice of public cloud, private cloud or on-premises deployment. Cambium Networks provides the same functionality in cloud as on-premises with feature parity typically coming in a quarter or two. cnMaestro helps reduce operating cost and accelerates return on investment. Cambium Networks is the first company in the industry to provide comprehensive cloud and on-premises management at no license cost. This allows for no service disruption for our customers.  
  • cnMaestro provides a bird’s eye view of the health of the network with insights on performance, connectivity and client experience. Administrators can quickly identify potential trouble spots and drill down from network-to-client level details.
  • cnMaestro architecture is built for scale and security at all levels. There is no on-premises controller, thus increasing reliability while lowering TCO. Devices connect to cnMaestro cloud using SSL-enabling deployments without requiring changes to the firewall configuration. Cambium Intelligent Edge architecture enables fault-tolerant networks where the network continues to operate even when the cloud is unreachable due to a WAN outage.
  • MSP-Ready Platform: MSPs can differentiate their brand to address specific submarkets in their service area. The multi-tier customization gives cloud tools to the MSP tenant to monetize their services. MSP views consolidate the MSP tenant statistics while allowing the MSP to drill down and support a tenant directly without impacting data from other tenants or end users on the system.

cnMaestro is a simple yet sophisticated cloud-first, next-generation network management platform for Cambium Networks wireless and wired solutions. Now, these attributes are being extended to cover third-party endpoints. cnMaestro offers elastic scalability and single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless lifecycle management with zero-touch provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for our enterprise, service provider and industrial wireless network operators.