Cambium Networks Offers Powerful Solutions for Traffic Control

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks supports driver safety, freight transportation efficiency, municipal works, and more with innovative solutions that connect the increasingly advanced capabilities of traffic control. Reliable, high capacity wireless broadband network components from backhaul to cloud-based network management software address the needs of Smart transit.

Smart cities rely on complex and highly integrated infrastructure to ensure public safety and wellbeing. The Industrial Internet of Things is rapidly expanding to facilitate the delivery of vital services such as video surveillance, metering and parking automation, and public Wi-Fi, and Smart Highway technologies such as automated toll systems, traffic signaling, and advisory displays are similarly fundamental.

Cambium Networks provides network operators with tools to build Traffic Control networks that expand functionality and improve safety for both public and enterprise transportation systems – with maximum efficiency and value. We’re here for you at every intersection, from preliminary research with webinars and solution papers, to expert advice from our seasoned industry veterans on staff.

Published December 21, 2018