Cambium Networks Connects the Stunning Azores Islands for Recreation and Safety

By Cambium Networks

The Azores Regional Government selects Cambium Networks PTP 650 backhaul links to support CCTV and GPS on their islands’ dramatically beautiful but potentially treacherous volcanic terrain.

The Azores are increasingly popular with hikers, backpackers, and campers, who are all required to carry emergency radios and GPS tracking units during their recreation time on the islands’ challenging topography.

Formed by seismic activity where the American and African-Eurasian tectonic plates meet, the Azores Islands rise steeply out of the North Atlantic Ocean about a thousand miles off the coast of Portugal, and are part of the Portuguese Republic. Their climate is heavily influenced by the Gulf Stream, resulting in a Mediterranean Climate, though less arid than their Continental European counterpart.

Click to read Cambium employee Greg Dean’s firsthand account of the islands and this safety installation, with breathtaking pictures from the field.

Published April 21, 2018