Cambium College: Building Foundations for Exciting Futures

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks invites young people to develop curiosity in wireless broadband technology into valuable skills with a free curriculum of webinar trainings exploring the concepts that make Wi-Fi communication possible. Designed by Cambium’s development team, Cambium College introduces high school age teens to networking technology as a prospective career choice that can inform education decisions.

Beyond potential career interest, however, enrollment in the College series comes with access to the Cambium Community, an online forum where network operators and other industry experts propose ideas, pool knowledge, and share stories of their experience with the wireless technology space. The webinars teach concepts that engagement with the Community can help students to apply.

Whether preparing for ongoing education or discussing ideas with IT veterans to solve problems with recreational technology projects at home, Cambium College invites young people to develop interests, skills, and even opportunities for mentorship that can support them in current and future exploration with Wi-Fi technology.

Published May 11, 2018