Both Sides of Customer Commitment

By Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is committed to the success of our customers. We take the time to listen to customers and perform detailed field testing so that products consistently perform as expected. Today I would like to spotlight three ways that Cambium “listens.”

  1. Ideas on the community – Our online community is a powerful tool where customers can not only discuss technology but also propose ideas for future development. Each product manager reviews these ideas as a part of the development process and selects proposals to develop.
  2. Field beta testing – Before launch, each product is installed in a live customer network. This enables everyone to look at actual performance in a network, which is dramatically different from a lab bench test environment.
  3. Live webinars – Once launched, we include network operator testimonials and views in live sessions. While these educate the audience with a product manager’s view on the features and benefits, some also include experienced customers sharing their candid opinions in live Q&A.

Sometimes the truth can be uncomfortable. However, each Cambium Networks team member would rather clearly understand the details of a customer requirement or a specific shortcoming in a product. We are committed to developing a trusting relationship that addresses these issues. It can be painful, but it is always worth the effort. We celebrate our success when we conquer such challenges and move on to address the next set of issues.

One of those success moments is when we see customers who are committed to Cambium Networks.

Ben Royer is the Operations Manager of Royell Communications, a wireless ISP in Illinois. Over the years, Royell Communications has grown through their deployment of our ePMP and PMP 450 wireless broadband equipment. Ben has introduced wireless broadband in our Cambium College Program, and he is among the top contributors to our online community, sharing his video reviews of our products. He is a certified rescue tower climber and cares deeply about his profession. Ben is committed because he has seen the value of Cambium Networks technology, and it has made a difference in his business. Ben shares his thoughts on his business as a WISP and the secret to his success in this paper.

Ben’s Left Calf

Ben now has a tattoo of a certified rescue tower climber – with a Cambium logo. In my career, I have never before had a customer take such a step. There is no question about his commitment. Ben has made us a part of who he is. We are committed to delivering solutions that will make Ben and network operators like him feel that way forever.

Ben and his team will be at the WISPAmerica convention later this month. Of course, you can congratulate him for his artwork, but also stop by booth #401 and see how our commitment to WISPs is evident in the latest technology.

Published March 5, 2019