Best Practices for Planning Wi-Fi Connectivity

By Cambium Networks

Everyone wants Wi-Fi that works. Why is it better in some locations than others? What specific actions can be taken in planning, installation and management that will make connectivity work right the first time and every time?

My webinar “Best Practices for Planning Wi-Fi Connectivity” is full of tips and advice to avoid mistakes and achieve success. I have broken the subject down into two different sets of topics:

  1. Best practices for developing a Wi-Fi plan.
  2. Field proven configurations for the cnPilot™ enterprise product line.

It’s easy to have better Wi-Fi. Follow this link and listen to the entire presentation or review the summary below and skip to the section or exact topic that interests you most.

3 Questions in Planning Wi-Fi: 3:02

This section explains the first 3 steps in planning Wi-Fi connectivity and what questions to ask yourself.  The 3 steps are coverage vs. capacity, identifying the device types, and identifying the Applications.

Network Design Factors: 9.36

This section covers topics including the core network insufficiencies, choosing the best AP models and important factors in design.  It also examines considerations for roaming such as overlap and interference avoidance.

Predictive Analysis and Verification: 20:22

This section explores Predictive Analysis, Verification, as well as Channel and WLAN considerations.  Advice is offered on designing with confidence, post-install steps and trouble-shooting.  And you’ll learn what is most practical when making decisions on 2.4 GHz versus 5 GHz and how to achieve more capacity with fewer SSIDs.

Network Monitoring and Management: 37:41

This section explains how to configure cnMaestro™ so that it works best for the product types you are managing. Settings are recommended for the wireless LAN, access and backhaul.

Air Fairness and Optimization: 39:30

This section describes which settings are recommended for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz cnPilot radios.  Airtime Fairness is also discussed and advice is given to assist stations to continue to operate at expected levels. Suggestions are offered on which Candidate Channel Options are optimal for your deployment.

Advanced Operations: 52:12

This section discusses the advanced options of cnPilot including Automatic Channel Selection, Enhanced Roaming, Off Channel Scanning, Auto RF, and Interference Avoidance.

Question and Answers 59:39

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Published January 24, 2019