cnWave 60 GHz V2000 Client Node

The cnWave 60 GHz V2000 client node features a 2.5 GbE PoE input port as well as a 2.5 GbE PoE 802.3at output port for powering Wi-Fi access points or video surveillance cameras. This makes the V2000 especially well-suited to backhaul Cambium’s XV2 series of outdoor Wi-Fi AP’s.

cnWave 60 GHz V3000 Client Node

The V3000 Client Node is featured with a 44.5 dBi high-gain antenna with beamforming. The client nodes can support up to 7.6 Gbps with channel bonding for both PMP and PTP configurations.

cnWave 60 GHz V5000 Distribution Node

The cnWave V5000 Distribution Node is featured with two sectors covering up to 280 degrees with beamforming. A single V5000 can connect up to four other distribution nodes or up to 30 client nodes. V5000 can be used for PTP, PMP and mesh configurations.

cnWave 60 GHz Fixed Wireless

cnWave 60 GHz fixed wireless solutions deliver multiple Gbps of reliable connectivity and at a cost much lower than fiber. One of the key advantages of cnWave is that it…

cnWave 60 GHz V1000 Client Node

The V1000 Client Node is featured with wide-range, 80º beamforming for easy installation. Powered by 802.3af PoE, V1000 supports up to 2 Gbps with 1 Gbps in the uplink direction and 1 Gbps in the downlink direction.