Preseem’s View on the Strength of the WISP Business

By Peter Strong

Is the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) business thriving or gasping? It depends whom you ask, and objective data is hard to come by and valuable. The recently published Fixed Wireless Network Report issued by Preseem is a solid objective view of the WISP business and is well worth downloading.

Preseem’s Latest Fixed Wireless Network Report

According to the report, “It is our hope that this information is useful to WISPs as a way to benchmark their businesses against the wider broadband ecosystem and also helps others understand fixed wireless networks.”

The report provides WISP subscriber metrics from their customers including:

  • Throughput (upload and download)
  • Latency
  • Subscriber counts, subscriber usage, oversubscription
  • Market share.

Also included is data on channel width, and connected subscribers by channel width and the associated throughput.

We see the global WISP market as thriving – and winning competitive markets. They are winning business and residential customers because these WISPs offer the reliable high-speed connectivity that is needed at competitive prices that consumers demand. This is achieved by the advanced technology and ease of use that is the DNA of our solutions.

Cambium Networks has shipped millions of wireless broadband and Wi-Fi modules to thousands of WISPs around the world over our nearly 20 years of existence, and our relationships with these entrepreneurial network operators have kept our development focus on reliability, scalability and support as technology has evolved to deliver Gigabit throughput over wireless.

The report provides independent evidence that optimised MU-MIMO can provide compelling benefits. In this report Preseem present summaries of metrics they collect from their traffic management product in use by many FWA operators. In some cases, Preseem have shown metrics as a function of product and it is here that the Cambium Networks PMP 450m with cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology stands out dramatically from all other products in metrics such as downlink and uplink throughputs and number of subscribers per sector. Frequently the PMP 450m metric is around 3x higher than the next highest product.  

The PMP 450m achieves these compelling differences based on cnMedusa technology which builds on high order MU-MIMO optimised for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). Cambium Networks is using the FWA MU-MIMO know-how it has acquired from PMP 450m in other products families such as ePMP and new products in development.

You can find out more about the PMP 450m at:

Cambium and Preseem have no business relationship and I welcome any questions that you may have. People looking to learn more about FWA in general and the benefits of higher order MU-MIMO in particular should find all of the above resources to be worth bookmarking. 

Published January 24, 2020