Terms and Conditions

Cambium’s Hardware Limited Lifetime Warranty is applicable to a subset of Cambium hardware products, detailed here (the “Covered Product”). “Lifetime” is defined as the period beginning on the date of original purchase by the first end user of the Product and ending seven years thereafter. Under this Limited Lifetime Warranty, Cambium warrants to its end users for the Lifetime (as defined) that the Covered Product purchased by such end user, when used under normal conditions and consistent with applicable Covered Product documentation supplied with the Covered Product, will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and will perform in accordance with the documentation supplied for such Covered Product.

Except as otherwise prescribed by applicable law, in the event of a breach of this Hardware Limited Lifetime Warranty, the sole and exclusive remedy, and Cambium’s sole and exclusive liability, will be for Cambium to use commercially reasonable efforts to repair or replace the Covered Product that caused the breach of this warranty. If Cambium cannot, or determines that it is not practical to, repair or replace the Covered Product, then the sole and exclusive remedy and the limit of Cambium’s obligation will be to refund the amount received by Cambium for purchase of such Covered Product. The Hardware Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided to the original end user only and is not transferrable.