Last Mile Gear Connects Tribal Nation with Cambium Networks


Together, Last Mile Gear and Yakama Nation Networks designed a wireless broadband solution that included expertly managed services and cutting-edge Cambium Networks technology for a large-scale project.

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Recently, Last Mile Gear worked with Yakama Nation to resolve major wireless network deficiencies. Last Mile Gear is a wireless equipment distributor and installer specializing in providing clients with custom connectivity solutions. Yakama Nation is a tribal government that serves consumers and businesses that reside on tribal land. The tribal leaders are tasked with providing their constituents with reliable internet services and other utilities.

Prior to working with Last Mile Gear, Yakama Nation had a 5GHz network that was providing service to their customers. That network could not meet the client’s needs or those of its constituents. Specifically, the hardware deployed by the service provider could not adequately support a large volume of customer connections at the requested bandwidths.

At the center of this comprehensive strategy was Cambium Networks hardware. The design team at Last Mile Gear knew that Cambium Networks technologies were the ideal solution for such a large-scale project.

Last Mile Gear proposed the use of several Cambium 450m 3GHz access points. These access points were supported by subscriber modules. Cumulatively, these components provided the client with increased transmit power, better network stability, and a faster customer connection rate.

Before performing a large-scale deployment, Last Mile Gear helped design and facilitate a trial phase. A limited number of components were deployed so that they could test the solution in a real-world environment. After fine-tuning their strategy, Last Mile Gear was able to ensure quality signal coverage of the entire region.

Last Mile Gear and Yakama Nation were able to deploy the entire network in just four months. They have continued to monitor the reliability and performance of the new network. By tracking key performance metrics, Last Mile Gear discovered that the network has significantly improved the user experience when compared to the previously used solution.

A Great Plan
Despite the fact that the client was eager to transition to new services, Last Mile Gear’s deployment team took the time to plan every detail of the deployment. They worked closely with Cambium Networks to address important issues such as the actual deployment and ongoing network maintenance.

Strategic Deployment
Last Mile Gear leveraged a “measure twice, cut once” approach to this project. This approach allowed them to ensure that all facets of the project exceeded the client’s expectations. The network provided higher quality service and a better user
experience than the previous solution. The project was also completed within the budgetary restrictions set forth by the Yakama Nation.