Bluetel Wifi Brings Internet Where Fibre Does Not Reach in Sierra de Guadarrama


THE MADRID-BASED OPERATOR, Bluetel Wifi, which offers internet access services on the Madrid and Segovia slopes of the Sierra del Guadarrama, has already surpassed 1,000 customers. They are bringing internet where terrestrial fibre does not reach and are able to compete with it.

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Bluetel Wifi wants to promote the concept of smart places in the Sierra del Guadarrama. “Mountains with internet access” would allow all kinds of initiatives from the connectivity of inhabitants to the security of its visitors.

Speed, Immediacy and Price
IN MOUNTAIN AREAS, the deployment of terrestrial fibre is more expensive, complicated and not always profitable for large operators. This is not a problem in the case of Bluetel Wifi, as it has its own infrastructure of towers and deployments to provide the service, which makes it possible to bring internet anywhere. In addition, Bluetel Wifi offers “last-mile” wireless connectivity, bringing high-speed internet to homes and businesses where terrestrial fibre is available but does not reach their doorsteps.

The Madrid-based operator uses Cambium Networks technology in its deployments, which allows it to offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps and bring the connection to the user, in many cases, within the day. “We offer speeds from 60Mb to 1 Gb at a very competitive price,” explains Jesús Herranz, Head of Operations at Bluetel Wifi. In addition,” he adds, “our offer includes mobile and fixed telephony services and even fibre anywhere in Spain with fibre optic availability.”

BLUETEL WIFI IS A LOCAL PROVIDER that knows the area and the challenges of its neighbours and companies, to whom it offers multiple and flexible contract modalities. “There are towns,” Herranz comments, “wired with fibre where many residents prefer to work with us because if they have an incident, they know they will have personal and immediate attention from someone they know and are involved with. Our best indicator and promoter is the Boca-a-Boca.”

Intelligent Sites
BLUETEL WIFI WANTS TO PROMOTE the concept of smart places in the Sierra del Guadarrama. “Mountains with internet access” would allow initiatives from the connectivity of inhabitants and the safety of its visitors to the development of video surveillance systems, civil protection, control, fire prevention and warning, and IoT systems. “Accessing the internet from different points in the mountains,” says Herranz, “opens up an immense horizon of possibilities in the care and protection of nature and also in the development of new business models and the development of economic activity in the Guadarrama National Park.”

“Bluetel Wifi is a local operator very focused on its territory,” said Javier Gomez, Regional Director of Cambium Networks in Iberia and the Mediterranean. “It operates in areas where fibre is widespread. However, they have been able to identify specific places where there is and will be no fibre and where Cambium’s technology brings these users and businesses closer, eliminating the digital divide.”