Buy Any RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router and Get a 3-Year Subscription to cnMaestro!

Cambium Network’s new home Wi-Fi router solution delivers lower support cost and enables service providers to enhance the subscriber experience.

Three components combine to deliver the value:

  1. RV22 Mesh Router: Feedback on this product is showing impressive coverage and speed. The RV22 has purposely designed efficient antennas that deliver high client speeds and multi-gigabit mesh.
  2. cnMaestro Subscriber App: This powerful App has curated data and useful tools on the dashboard, making it easy for your subscriber to do what they want.
  3. cnMaestro™ Subscriber Workflows: A newly designed workflow that makes it simple to create custom branding, craft a personalized service, and send out the invitation to your subscriber.

Purchase any RV22 Wi-Fi 6 Home Mesh Router during the promotion period and receive a 100% discount on 3-year cnMaestro device subscription.*


Special Access to the Upcoming Response Center

Cambium Networks is developing a new micro-service running in the cnMaestro cloud, which will deliver cloud-enabled broadband, Wi-Fi insights, and client details.  This single pane-of-glass view is designed for L1 through L3 technical support and features integrated network isolation tests at the touch of a button.  The new service called the Response Center is targeted for release in June 2024.

Effective January 3, 2024, through June 30, 2024.

Limited-time opportunity.

Region: Global
Expires June 30, 2024

Contact your distributor for more information, terms and conditions, and how to participate in this promotion.



*  The subscription timer starts when the service provider activates the subscription entitlement at  The subscription entitlement will expire 36 months later.

Published January 2, 2024