Cambium Networks is proud to partner with Kloudspot, Inc., developer of the first cloud based, network agnostic and AI powered Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform that  ingests data collected from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, environmental sensors and connected cameras, to convert the physical actions and movements of people and devices into digitally treatable data.

This data can then be used to create mashups of what’s happening in a location at any given moment, and over time. With these insights, it’s easy to develop rules that trigger engagements in the physical world. And the platform continually learns and optimizes those engagements on its own through advanced AI.

Riding on the edge of any network to ensure data privacy, the Kloudspot Platform connects to standard business application APIs increasing the value of existing network investments.   Kloudspot has a rules-based engine so privacy can be closely customized and managed, and a menu of advanced services.  Additionally, Kloudspot has a patented WiFi analytics software solution that is vendor agnostic, and seamlessly integrates with any existing network infrastructure. 

City of Erie, PA:  Erie sought to reinvigorate several Opportunity Zones by helping its citizens make these areas more viable for economic development, more productive and ultimately more prosperous. The key: offering strong, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for families and businesses who may not ordinarily have access – giving the city tools to disseminate critical information and monetize related services. The desired outcome: empower and engage the people of Erie, fuel city revenues and reinvest back into the community.

“With Kloudspot, we can do much more than deliver Wi-Fi services and traditional digital advertising programs. We can localize news and weather, which are both monetizable for ad revenue. We can serve real-time offers from nearby businesses. We can link to the city’s website and enable everything from safety alerts to payment for city services such as waste and recycling. All of this will pay back the tech investment and create revenue streams for the city itself.” – Ed Olsen, Vice President of Outcome-Based Funding at Quantela Inc.

Freedom Financial Network leveraged the Kloudspot platform to improve internal communications, drive expense control and facility planning, and provide employees with a better sense of physical security.

“We liked Kloudspot’s accuracy of location information, along with the footfall and time-of-day analysis, GPS, positioning of people & vendors, security-related data, the ability to create and adjust business rules, the robustness of the analytics engine, and the large amount of analytics that can be gleaned from the system. And we appreciated their responsiveness.” – Mark Tonnensen, CIO, Freedom Financial Network

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