Benu Networks is a leading software and solutions provider, simplifying the edge with it’s Software-Defined Edge (SD-Edge) Platform.  With a comprehensive set of products and innovative solutions, Benu Networks helps instantly transform legacy networks, elastically manage services, and carve the path to 5G.  The Benu solution has API level integration with Cambium Wi-Fi solution and provides a complementary set of capabilities for Cambium Wi-Fi customers.

Customers worldwide have relied on Benu Networks’ WiFi Access Gateway (WAG) and virtual WiFi Access Gateway (vWAG)  for over a decade. The WAG and vWAG serve as the subscriber access and policy control function to ensure secure and seamless subscriber experiences for large WiFi networks, hotspot networks, and carrier WiFi networks.  The WAG/vWAG bring advanced security, mobility, and routing capabilities while simplifying the management of any WiFi traffic. 

The Benu Networks WAG can be used in a variety of deployments & uses cases including Public & Community (Hotspot) WiFi, Education, Mobile Network Offload, Smart Cities, Venue WiFi, Hospitality WiFi, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU), and more.

Key requirements that WAGs often fill are:

  • Enabling disparate WiFi networks or hotspots across a large number of branches or locations to behave like one unified, managed network
  • Data plane flexibility – control plane and user (data) plane separation architecture for ultimate agility
  • Layer 3 roaming for mobility and freedom without compromising connectivity and experience
  • Handling large volumes of guest WiFi users with fast-mobility, persistent authentication state, and carrier-grade NAT
  • Enabling dynamic micro-segmentation of the network for better traffic control and security
  • Adding capabilities like deep-packet inspection, content filtering, parental filtering, malware and phishing protection, firewall, and advanced hierarchical bandwidth management
  • Cost reductions to eliminate separate network nodes for routing, DHCP, and firewall/security. 

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