Keep Calm and Carry On

By    April 30, 2014

You always know you are in England; it rains and rains and rains! This winter has been no different, and the weather has provided wide spread flooding across the UK. Whilst this is all going on we expect all our utilities to carry on working. The famous English saying stands well in emergencies: “Keep calm and carry on”…and that’s exactly what our water utilities do.

The UK water industry collects, treats and supplies more than 16 billion litres of water per day. The Mission Critical aspects of controlling, monitoring and managing the water utility require communication links to connect a large number of devices over vast geographical areas. The water utilities are seeing many challenges with their current aging communications infrastructure. To achieve the benefits of broadband, they are deploying Fixed Wireless solutions like the PTP 800 in the licensed spectrum and the PTP 600 in the unlicensed spectrum.

The UK population can sit back with your wellies on in the knowledge that your water utilities have the vision and innovation to use Fixed Wireless technologies to maintain a constant flow of water into your kettle. To learn more about a specific project that has used Cambium Networks products, please download the new water utility case study.