By Cambium Networks   March 13, 2017

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL, March 13, 2017 — Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that high-speed connectivity is now available in the Pembroke Illinois Public Library District and the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living. The Pembroke community, located in rural central Illinois, now has free high-speed indoor and outdoor WiFi connectivity to connect community members to the internet, stream video, do classwork, connect with families, and apply for jobs. Long considered an example of a rural community left behind, Pembroke now has connectivity on par with major cities.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly from Illinois 2nd District cut the ribbon on the network, saying “Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in bringing Wi-Fi to Pembroke and Hopkins Park. Connectivity is essential in this day and age. It’s hard to survive without it. Many thanks to Cambium, Cyber Broadcasting, Riverside Health Care and National Bank of St. Anne for helping us link Pembroke to the world.”

“Our library provides service to about two thousand individuals for continued education internet access, introduction to basic computer usage classes, and social activities geared towards Literacy,” says Veronica Thurman, Head Librarian. “People are able to quickly access the WiFi in the Library and our classroom, and are pleased with the connection speed.”

The Black Oaks Center is a 40-acre eco-campus that engages in sustainable building, renewable energy, carbon footprint control, and sustainable agriculture. “The indoor and outdoor WiFi helps our team of people learn about the latest theories, and share information,” says Fred Carter. “My wife, Jifunza and I have dedicated ourselves to this project, and the connectivity helps us share our experiences with the world.”

“The people in this community are now connected and have access to education,” said Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks. “In addition, this connectivity provides improved health care, safety, opportunity, and growth. Students have access to education content, adults can connect with job opportunities, pay bills, and access services, and the whole community has a safe hub location where they can attend classes and have social gatherings.”

Wireless broadband connectivity provided by Cyber Services, located in Coal City, Illinois connects the Library and Black Oak Center. “We are glad to connect the people in the Hopkins Park area,” says Cesare Bratta, President of Cyber Broadcasting. “We have thousands of wireless customers in central Illinois, and extended our network with a point-to-point PTP 650 wireless backhaul, PMP 450i distribution network, and deliver indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi with cnPilot™ enterprise solutions. The wireless was installed in a matter of weeks and has been operating just fine. People here now have fantastic connectivity.”

All people in Pembroke Township, Village of Hopkins Park, and the Black Oaks Center now have an equal access to information and ability to participate and grow. Thanks to the efforts of community leaders, they are now able to stream video, upload and download information, make voice calls, and connect with family members.

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